CIF Number of Central Bank of India: How to find it?


CIF stands for Customer Information Form/File. People also call it customer number sometimes. When you open an account with a bank, it will create a unique CIF number for you. Different banks follow different formats for CIF number. All Central Bank of India CIF numbers are of 10 digits. This article explains how to find your CIF number of Central Bank of India. To read more about the meaning and purpose of CIF numbers, please click here.

How to find your CIF number of Central Bank of India?

You can find CIF number of Central Bank of India (CBI) in either of the following ways:

Visit your CBI home branch 

Go to your CBI home branch. Present your ID card and your account number, or your passbook, and ask the banking officer for your CIF number. He/she will easily tell you.

Call the CBI Customer Care –

Call the CBI customer care number –¬†1800221911. Follow the steps to talk to a customer care executive and ask for your CIF number. You will have to confirm your name, account number, and date of birth details first for security reasons.

From your Account Statement –

Your CIF number will be mentioned on your Account Statement. You can get from the bank or online via net banking.

From your Fixed Deposit certificate –

If you have a fixed deposit in CBI, you can find your CIF number on your FD certificate/receipt on the right side of your name.

Using Internet Banking –

After you login to net banking on the official CBI website, your CIF number will be mentioned at the top of your account home-screen.

From your passbook or chequebook –

CIF number is sometimes mentioned on the first page of the passbook and of the chequebook.

It is always helpful to know your CIF number, so note it down properly for future reference.



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