How to close IndusInd Bank account?

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IndusInd Bank Limited is a Mumbai-based Indian financial services company. Commercial, transactional, and electronic banking goods and services are available from the bank. Manmohan Singh, then Union Finance Minister, launched IndusInd Bank in April 1994. IndusInd Bank is the most popular private sector bank in our nation right now. This bank is the banking sector’s new draw, and it has been delivering various customer-friendly services to individuals. If you want to close your IndusInd Bank account then read ahead!

Can you close your IndusInd account online?

IndusInd Bank allows its account customers to establish a bank account online. Customers, however, are unable to terminate their bank accounts online. They must do so by visiting an IndusInd Bank physical branch. The IndusInd Bank only offers the option of downloading an account cancellation form through its official website.

What is the IndusInd Bank minimum balance?

In the A and B categories, a minimum balance of Rs 10,000 is required, while the C and C1 categories require a minimum balance of Rs 5,000. The penalty for non-balance maintenance ranges from Rs 250 to Rs 350, depending on the available money in the account.

Does IndusInd Bank provide a zero balance account facility?

The Indus Easy Savings Account is a BSBDA that offers the most rewards while requiring the least amount of effort. With a no minimum balance and a ‘full KYC completed,’ you may use all of your basic banking services.

What are the IndusInd Bank account closing charges?

There will be no charges if you close your IndusInd Bank account within 14 days of opening or after 12 months. If the IndusInd account is closed between 15 days and 12 months after it was opened, a fee of Rs.200 or the balance in the A/c, whichever is less, would be charged. For further information, phone 1860 500 5004 or visit the official website at

How to close an IndusInd Bank account?

IndusInd Bank

It is not difficult to close an account at IndusInd Bank. IndusInd bank account customers can simply terminate their bank accounts by following simple processes. To permanently terminate your bank account, follow the steps below:

  • To begin, go to the nearest IndusInd Bank branch. Additionally, the account holder may get the IndusInd Bank account closing form from the branch’s official website
  • Once you get the form, you need to fill it out with the important information.
  • After carefully filling out all of the data, the account holder must sign the completed form. In the event of joint accounts, all account holders must sign the bank account closing form.
  • After filling out and signing the form, the account holder must preview it for accuracy. Then submit it to the counter or to the branch manager.
  • Review the information on the form and revise it thoroughly. The account holder should then send the form to the branch manager in charge of collecting the bank account closure form.
  • In addition to the account closure form, the account holder must submit his KYC papers. Include a copy of your PAN in these documents. The PAN acts as the account holder’s evidence of identification.
  • In addition to the PAN, the account holder must provide evidence of address. Account holders may also be asked to self-attest copies of their KYC papers.
  • In addition to the PAN, the account holder must give his passbook, debit card, and balance checks.
  • When all of these documents are provided, the bank account closure application is deemed complete and ready for processing.
  • After the form is properly submitted, the IndusInd bank validates the paperwork. The bank account is successfully closed when the IndusInd bank has completed all of the relevant processes.


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