How to fill SBI deposit slip?

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The State Bank of India is one of the major public sector banks in India. People all around India want to create an account with SBI because of its great banking services. Moreover, it has the most ATMs in the country, which helps account holders with easy financial services. If you have just opened an account with the State Bank of India, you should be familiar with the banking services. Do you know how to properly fill out an SBI deposit slip? If not, this post will walk you through the process of filling out the SBI Bank deposit slip/form.

What is required to deposit cash in the bank?

A deposit slip is required when depositing funds into a bank account. That is a piece of paper that must be filled out with the necessary information. The deposit can be made in the lobby or at the drive-through. However, if you can’t find the deposit slip, ask any bank executive for it.

Can you deposit cash at any bank?

No, you cannot make a cash deposit at any bank. To deposit cash, you must travel to the same bank or cash deposit machine where you have your bank account. You can, however, deposit at any branch in India. Previously, you had to go to the bank to deposit money into your bank account. Every bank began to install the Cash Deposit machine, which is really simple to operate and makes depositing cash easier. These machines also offer the ATM withdrawal capability, allowing you to deposit and withdraw cash without having to visit a bank.

How to fill SBI deposit slip?


  • Go to any SBI bank and get a deposit form/slip from the counter. SBI deposit slips are printed on both sides.
  • The deposit slip’s front side is separated into two sections, one for the depositor and the other for the bank’s copy.
  • To begin, write the ‘Branch Name’ in the supplied dotted space representing the branch in both parts.
  • The account number is written down in the second step. Make certain that the account number is entered accurately. Fill in a single number in each box, and include the account number in both areas.
  • In the available field, provide the specific date of deposit on both parts.
  • In all areas, enter the Account Holder’s Full Name.
  • Next, mention the deposit amount in both areas, both numerically and alphabetically.
  • Your mobile number or the account holder’s mobile number must be entered in the area given in the bank’s copy.
  • You must also include the account holder’s PAN number, which is optional but required if the deposit exceeds Rs 50, 000.
  • If the account belongs to any other branch or non-home branch, enter the Branch Name or Branch Code No. below the available place for PAN Number.
  • Sign in the given box for ‘Signature of the Depositor’ on the right side of the bank’s copy.

How to fill the backside of the SBI deposit slip?

  • Filling the table carefully is required here. Simply enter the number of bills in the Pieces Column in front of the amount previously entered in the Denomination Column, then enter the total of the bill amount x Number of bills in the Rs. Column. (For example, if you have four Rs. 2000 bills, you must enter four in the piece column and 8000 in the Rs. column.)
  • Filling out this step is the same as filling out the previous step.
  • You must sign the Deposit Receipt here.
  • At the counter, you must present both the deposit slip and the cash. The cashier will input the stamp on both parts of the front side and return you the depositor’s copy after taking the money and adding the deposit amount to the account.



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