How to find Indian Bank CIF without passbook?

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The annoyances of traditional banking have decreased as the financial industry has gone digital. One of the top banks in the public sector is Indian Bank. Indian Bank adopted contemporary technological tools to enhance its financial services. The goal is to delight its clients with superior banking services. Read on to know how to find your account’s CIF number if you’re an Indian Bank customer.

What is the CIF number?

Indian Bank

A bank may identify a customer and their personal information by using their Customer Identification File (CIF) number. Every client has a special CIF number, also known as CIF ID. This may be used to access every piece of information kept in the CIF (Customer Identification File). Only a limited number of people or businesses are allowed to share a person’s CIF number. Customers of Indian banks are given a 9-digit CIF number. It varies from bank to bank as some banks provide their clients with 4-digit, 8-digit, and 11-digit numbers. It is the CIF that stores the loans, DEMAT account, KYC evidence, and identification proofs for a customer. Banks can examine all data at once by entering the CIF number. It includes transaction information as well as personal information. It is a non-transferable number.

Importance of CIF number in Indian Bank

  • The CIF number contains all of the account holder’s sensitive information, including identity documents, PAN information, and account information.
  • It ensures the secrecy of all account holders’ information since each account holder has a unique code.
  • A bank passbook, an internet portal, or a mobile banking app all have a CIF number.
  • When confirming transactions or approving loans, banks decode an account holder’s 11-digit CIF code to obtain further information.
  • One-time password (OTP) receipt history is likewise included in a customer’s CIF number.
  • If a customer has many accounts with the same bank, the bank will give each account a unique CIF number and link them all together.
  • Banks can provide efficient and exact services to their customers by using their CIF codes. For example, if you wish to reactivate a dormant account, you can provide this number. It is also advantageous if you require other bank services such as a Demat account, a loan account, and so on.

How can you get a CIF number without a passbook?

Customers of Indian Bank may find their CIF number on the first page of their passbooks. The nine-digit number is printed on your passbook. In addition, you may look up this number directly in the Indian bank checkbook. This number may be found at the top of the first page of your checkbook. However, if you don’t have the passbook, this is how you can get your CIF number:

  • The simplest method to locate a CIF number is through an Indian bank’s online banking system. All of us use internet banking today for online transactions. If you have a valid login name and password, finding the CIF number would be simple.
  • You must first go to the official Indian Bank online banking page.
  • Enter the correct login ID and password now to log in.
  • Click on the “My Accounts” link now.
  • Your Indian Bank CIF number will then be displayed.

Find the CIF number through an E-statement

Your CIF number can also be found on the e-statement file. You need to subscribe to the Indian bank email statement service for this. Simply check the account information in the statement file by opening the e-statement PDF file. Finally, your E-statement file may contain the Customer id number.

Find the CIF number through Indian Bank Customer Care

You can also contact Indian bank customer service if you can’t see the CIF number on the Passbook. From your registered mobile number, you can dial the toll-free number of the Indian bank at 1800 4250 0000. When the bank customer service representative answers your call, they will inquire about your needs. You will thus ask the Indian bank for your CIF number. They will thereafter request all the information. It will include the account number, name, address, ID, and so on.

Find the CIF number by visiting the Indian Bank branch

You may always contact your bank office to obtain your CIF number. You can immediately go to the home branch to check your CIF number. Meet bank officials by visiting your local Indian Bank location. Ask them to provide you with the CIF number for your Indian bank. Following that, you must provide all of your personal information for verification. It includes your account number, address, name, and ID. Finally, the Indian bank will provide your CIF number.

Can you get your CIF number through SMS?

No, Indian Bank does not presently offer SMS service to inquire about CIF numbers. However, you can request the CIF number via the E-statement file in place of that.



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