UAN activation portal – Steps for UAN number activation online

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What is UAN activation link?

The UAN activation will act as a joining point for the multiple Member Ids allotted to an individual by different establishments. The idea is to link multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number(A unique 12-digit number).

Why should you activate your UAN Number?

  • It is necessary to use the online facilities of the EPFO.
  • No employer involvement.
  • You can download the EPF passbook through the portal.
  • EPF balance can be checked through missed call or SMS.
  • You can use the simple and hassle-free method of EPF withdrawal.
  • You can easily transfer your PF online.
  • The activation of UAN helps you access for the online services of the EPFO.
  • You can upload the scanned copy of KYC. The KYC would help you for the online verification.
  • You can have all of your PF accounts at one place.
  • Update Address, pan, aadhaar- without involvement from the employer- on UAN portal.
  • You could be a member of epfo without employment.

Prerequisites for UAN Activation

To activate the Universal Account number, you will need to have the following things:-

  1. You should save access to epfo Employer Portal with valid credentials.
  2. A Valid Mobile number.
  3. Name of UAN member.
  4. Member id or PF Account number,
  5. UAN Number.(Note: The UAN number will be given to you by your employer in your monthly payslip or you can contact your employer to get it.)

How to activate UAN

  1. Go to the activation portal.( activation portal )
  2. Click on the ‘activate UAN’ link and fill in the required details in the text fields and submit the form.

 UAN Activation portal

 UAN activation portal

3. Your member ID is the same as your Provident Fund Member ID.

4. You’ll get an authorization pin(by SMS) on the number you enter while filling the details.

5. Once you have confirmed your mobile number, you will have to choose your UAN login username and password on the next page.

(Note: The password should be alphanumeric, have minimum 1 special character and 8-25 character long. Special characters are !@#$%^&*().)

You have now completed your online activation. To access the online facilities, go back to the home page and use your chosen username and password to log in.

 UAN activation portal
On the next window, click on “KYC” which is under “Manage” to update your KYC to help with online verification.

(Note: Ensure you update your mobile number and KYC details as and when it changes.)

UAN Activation Status

If you want to check your UAN Status then you must have your PF number. Without PF number you can not check your UAN status online.

  • First, visit the UAN portal
  • Click on “Know your UAN status”

 UAN activation status

  • Select appropriate state and region
  • Enter PF number
  • After that click on ”UAN Status”

Frequently Asked Questions About UAN Activation

Q: Can I view/download my passbook?
A: Yes. Login to the Member Portal by your UAN and password. Then go to the menu ‘Download’ and select ‘Download Passbook’. A link is given to download PDF version of this passbook.

Q: Can I view/download my UAN card?
A: Yes, surely. You need to login first with your valid UAN and password. Then go to ‘Download’ Menu and select option ‘Download UAN Card’. 

Q: Can my mobile number/email id be changed?
A: Yes, you need to go to Profile Menu in Member Portal and select an option ‘Edit Mobile No.’/ ‘Edit Email ID’ for changing the mobile number and email id respectively.

Q: I am not able to see Passbook or Passbook is not available?
A: If you are working in Exempted Establishment,  you may contact your establishment to get the PF statement. Since your passbook will not be available in the UAN portal.

Q: How to withdraw PF Account money and Pension Fund money, after leaving one contractor and joining another one?
A: When an employee leaves an establishment and joins another, he/she is required to get the funds and service details transferred to the new account. The portability from one account to other is done by linking the different member ids (if the KYC details have been verified by both the employers).

Q: In a case of change of job, do I have to get UAN again and then activate my account?
A: No. UAN  is a one-time permanent number and will remain same throughout your career.


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