How to apply for BH number plate?

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The Bharat series (BH) registration mark for automobiles was introduced by the Indian government. Since it is a number plate that is recognized nationwide, individuals who move from one state to another do not need to re-register their vehicles after a year. Do you want to apply for a BH number plate? Here’s a guide to help you!

What is a BH number plate?

BH number plate

The BH Series or Bharat Series number plates was established by the Indian government. The Bharat Series (BH) Vehicles Registration from 2022 notification was published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH). When the owner of a private or government vehicle moves from one State to another, no new registration mark is needed. The Central Ministry has taken a fantastic initiative with this.

The BH series number plates will begin with two digits indicating the year of initial registration, followed by the letter BH, which stands for “Bharat.” Then, on the number plate, there are four numerals that are created at random and can range from 0000 to 9999, followed by two letters that can be any combination from “AA” to “ZZ.”

Is the BH series costly?

The applicant is required to pay 8% of the vehicle price for the BH series number plate application for cars that cost less than 10 lakhs. The tax rate is 10% for vehicles costing between 10 and 20 lakh. For a BH series number plate, the owner must pay 12% of the vehicle’s MSRP if it costs more than 20 lakh.

What is the benefit of BH registration?

  • For individuals who receive transfers frequently, choosing the BH series is more convenient because it eliminates the need to re-register the car if you move to a new state. As a result, you’ll save time and money.
  • Owners of vehicles with conventional number plates, on the other hand, must re-register their vehicles with the new state within a year of moving by presenting a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the previous state and paying the road tax to the new state/UT on a pro-rata basis. They must then make a claim for the money they have already paid to the state where the car was initially registered. In all honesty, this process is really difficult.
  • The BH series tax is payable online and is valid for 14 years. After then, a yearly payment is required. On the invoice, 8% tax is applied to automobiles that cost less than Rs 10 lakh. For automobiles costing between Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 lakh, it is 10%, and for those around Rs. 20 lakh, it is 12%.

Who is eligible for the Bharat number plate?

  • Not everyone can apply for BH series. A state or federal employee of a government or public sector organisation may apply for this unique plate. A private sector worker with locations in more than four states or union territories is also qualified.
  • Defence personnel, bank staff, and administrative service professionals, among others, are likely to find the BH series plate valuable.

How to apply for the Bharat number plate?

Vehicle owners can use the road and transport ministry’s Vahan site once state authorities verify their eligibility. This may also be accomplished with the assistance of car dealers while acquiring a vehicle. On behalf of the owner, the dealer must complete Form 20 on the web. Employees in the private sector must complete Form 60 and present an employment ID and work certificate. A step-by-step guide is given below:

  • The first step in registering for the BH series is to apply for a new plate at the vehicle’s original registration RTO or through the Vahan site, along with submitting a working government ID to verify employment.
  • Go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ official website. 
  • Find the BH Series Registration pdf attachment file.
  • Click on the notification link.
  • Get the official website URL to apply for the BH series.
  • Select New Vehicle Registration.
  • Fill in the necessary details.
  • Lastly, submit it and pay the registration costs. 



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