10 Best Online Prank Websites of 2017

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There are many online prank websites with the help of which you can make your friends fool and make fun of them. Not only this if you want to make someone feel bad, then there are websites for that purpose too. All you have to do is to open the website and make it go. Here is a list of top online pranks websites which you have to visit if you want to make fun of your friends or the one who you don’t like.


1: Calculate my love Prank: 

Every group of friends has many kinds of friends. Some are funky, who are the colors of the friend’s party. Others are quite serious, who don’t like to share their secrets with other groups. One kind includes the lovers, who love one of the group members but don’t share it with anyone in the group.

Here we have got a tip to help you out if you want to know the secrets which are in the hearts of all your friends. This trick is not that much difficult, you would need to carry out some work before you prank your friend. Following are the steps you need to follow in order to know who is the queen or king of the heart of your friends.

1: Open the website http://calculatelovepercent.com/register

Love calculator prank

2: Firstly, you need to register yourself. For that, you will click on the option “register”

3: In the registration page, to register yourself, enter your name which you want to show the person whom you want to trap. And enter your email id in which you want to receive the names of the victim’s crush.

4: After registering, you would be provided with a link. You will send that link to your friend whom you want to trap and know about his or her crush.

5: When he will open the link he will find a page open which looks like a website which will calculate his love percentage. Then they will write him and his crush name there. After all, that when he presses the enter button

love calculator prank

6: You will receive the names via email on your email id which you have written while registering.

love calculator prank


2: fake update:

If you have a very sticky friend or sibling, who always take your laptop and PC from you and don’t give it back to you. We have come up with an idea that can save you from such people with the help of an online prank website http://www.fakeupdate.net/. This website is as simple as cake to operate. When the chewing gum people are around, then don’t panic, just follow these simple steps

1: go to your browser and open a tab
2: enter  http://fakeupdate.net and press Enter
3: press the key F11, this will hide the browser from the screen and all you see is the contents of the page.

4: select among the operating system themes which is installed in your PC
5: After you select the desired theme, minimize the browser.
6: when he if she is about to chase your PC or laptop, maximize the browser and let the game begin.

When he or she will look at the screen it will look like your PC is updating and is just 3 percent or 4 percent completed. This kind of circumstances will make anyone think of leaving than to wait. This is how a simple idea made your work very much easy.

Not only that, this trick can also be used to tease your office colleagues, classmates etc. and make their work stop for a while.  If you need further clarifications, please see this video.

3: Red Button prank:


This online prank is the one which I like the most. It is neither scary nor funny not even used to know secrets of others. In simple words, you need to do nothing. Yes! Nothing. The red button is doing this task. It has no complicated process to carry out a prank.

Now let’s see how it works… when the website http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/pc/redbut.html is opened there comes a big fat and alive button. All of you would be engaged in nothing else but this red button.

When one looks at the red button written under it “do not press”, according to human psychology he or she will press that button and then the game will begin.

Now you might have a question in your mind that how do I use to prank via this site? Then my answer would be visiting the site by yourself. You will find out that. But let us share a situation. If your friend thinks of himself or herself to be over smart, then open your PC or laptop. Bring the red button on the screen and make him sit in front of it. He or she will spoil his whole day with this talking button. And at the end, he will know that how smart he is, that he is spoiling his time by doing nothing.

4: Facebook scary prank:

As the name clarifies all the doubts in our mind that, what it is all about? If it is still not clear to you then, let me tell you that it is used to blow minds of people around you by scaring them through this prank.

Facebook being world’s largest social media is known by everyone, either they are children or old age people. Everyone knows how to put a status on it, or how to share something. This thing is the plus point of the prank. Now let’s see how does it work

1: ask one whom you want to scare to come to your PC or laptop
2: Open the https://www.sinthaistudio.com/alrena/ which will look like a profile of someone.
3: ask them to do anything on the profile.
4: when he tries to do something in that. Suddenly a scary face will come out of the page, which will drag all the blood out of his body. That is how you can scare people to death via this site

5: What’s wrong in this room prank?

That’s all right if someone doesn’t know about Facebook and you can’t scare them with the Facebook scary foolery. We have found out another site which is easy to use and works same as a Facebook scary prank. All the process of using it is same but you would need to instruct the victim in a bit different way. Let’s see how this works

1: Open the link————-
2: ask the person to be scared to look at the screen where an interior of a house is shown.
3: tell them to find what is wrong in the room
4: when they will be observing the house picture with great attention, suddenly an ugly face of the devil will come out with such a speed that the victim will fall backward with fear.

6: Fartscroll:

you are sitting in a casual gathering, in a library or meeting and you are extremely bored. This is the right time to change the boredom into joy.  All you have to do is as follow

1:  Include “fartscroll.js” in your page. You can include the latest version straight from our CDN:
<script src=”http://code.onion.com/fartscroll.js”></script>
2: Initialize the fast scroll plugin after the page has loaded

And then let the confusing exercise begin

After it is installed it would work automatically. In a meeting break or in a library when everyone is silent, start trolling with them. When you will scroll your mouse your system will make a farting sound. Everyone will be confused and get embarrassed. But when they will check your system, they won’t find any application, website, or media player making such sound. It is the safe and sound way of practicing prank with zero percent chance of being caught.

7: Others:

There are many more sites which could be the center of fun for you. But the negative aspect of these which is being discussed is that these sites are not free. You will need to pay them in order to avail the craziness. Few of them we will discuss below. Have a look at these, if you like them then make use of these.

  • Shit express, prank candles, and anonymous calling:

You hate your classmate who always use to tease you, a neighbor who monitors your every movement, boss, ex-Girl Friend, or your girlfriend’s lover. You don’t need to fight with them, not even you need to talk with them about it. Just grab your PC, smartphone or laptop and visit http://www.shitexpress.com/  or  http://blckapp.com/app/

These are websites which keep your identity hidden and create a headache to those who you want to. Shit Express is a site which will send a poop to the one whom you will select. You need to follow few steps stated on the site.

And anonymous calling prank is used to call one and say all that you want to say without showing your identity. You have to enter the phone number you want to tease and enter your message. After paying the required fees, then you will receive a message or a phone call with a number of your choice.


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