Form 10C: How to fill to claim EPFO benefits.

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This article covers everything about Form 10C – how to claim Withdrawal Benefit or Scheme Certificate, who can claim them, and how to fill the form.


What is Form 10C?

It is the form you fill when claiming benefits under the Employee Pension Scheme.

Monthly PF contributions made by the employer are split into two sections. One part goes towards the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), and the other goes towards the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). The part of the contribution that goes into the EPS can be withdrawn by the employee by submitting Form 10C.

You can also fill Form 10C to get a Scheme Certificate (explained ahead).

When should you use Form 10C?

You can use it to get either of the following:

Withdrawal Benefit

  • This means withdrawing funds from your EPS. You can get back the money because you are not yet eligible for receiving pension.
  • It is applicable only for those members who have completed less than 9.5 years of service, and are less than 50 years old (as of the application date).
  • If a member has completed less than 180 days (excluding non-contributing period), he/she cannot claim Withdrawal Benefit.

Scheme Certificate

  • The Scheme Certificate is a certificate issued by the EPFO which enables you to carry forward your previous service period when rejoining in the same organisation or a new one.
  • You may or may not withdraw your PF accumulations when applying for a Scheme Certificate.
  • It is applicable only for those members who have completed more than 9.5 years of service, and are less than 50 years old (as of the application date). (If you have completed less than 9.5 months, the Scheme Certificate is optionally provided upon discretion.)

Note – If the service period is between 6 months – 12 months, it is treated as a year.

Who can fill Form 10C?

All members of the EPS scheme who meet either of the following requirements:

  1. The person has left employment before completion of 10 years of service. And has attained 58 years of age before completion of 10 years.
  2. The person has completed 10 years of service, and is not yet 50 years old.
  3. The person is between 50 and 58 years old, and is not willing to settle with reduced pension.
  4. Family member or nominee of an EPS member who died before completion of 10 years of service, and was older than 58 at the time of death.

How to fill Form 10C?

  • To download Form 10C from the EPFO website, please click here
  • You can take a print out, and fill it up. Or you can get it for free from any EPFO office.
  • The application has to be directed via your last employer. If that organisation has ceased to exist, you have to get the form attested from an authorized official.
  • In case of online download of form, both the employee and the (last) employer have to sign each page of the form.

Instructions for filling Form 10C:

  • The form consists of 4 pages. 
  • The first page covers details like –
    Name – It very important to ensure that the name is exactly as per EPFO records.
    Date of birth
    Father’s name and/or husband’s name
    Employer address
    PF account number
    Joining date with employer
    Reason for leaving and date of leaving
    Full address
  • The second page covers details like – 
    Particulars of family – This has to be filled by those applying for a Scheme Certificate.
    Particulars of nominees 
    Mode of remittance – This is required for those applying for withdrawal, and can be left blank if applying for a Scheme Certificate.
    Date and signature.
  • You have to fill the third page only if you have taken any advances against the account.
  • The final section and fourth page is for the administrative authorities, and so you don’t have to fill it.

Note –  There should be no cutting/overwriting in the form. If there are are corrections, they must be attested.

Additional Documents

You need to submit the following documents along with Form 10C:

  • A cancelled cheque.
  • If applying for a Scheme Certificate, date of birth certificates of children.
  • Re.1 stamp if applying for withdrawal benefit through a bank.
  • If member is deceased, you need to submit a death certificate, and succession certificate of legal heir.

How long does it take to get the withdrawal amount or Scheme Certificate?

After the submitting Form 10C to your employer, he/she must forward it to the EPFO within 5 days (as per the EPF & MP Act 1952).

The EPFO generally processes the claim within 20 days from the date of receipt of claim to the amount getting credited to your bank account/receiving the Scheme Certificate.

In case of a delay/query, you can register your grievance on the EPF grievance management website.

To read about EPF withdrawal and taxation rules, please click here.
To read about how to check EPF balance, please click here.


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    My Self Nitin kumar Bhatia. I have submitted my all documents in pf office dwarka sec 23 at 15th Mar,2018. My UAN No is 100260341702.
    I got the claim of form 19. But form 10c claim status is still under process from last 2 months. How many days taken to clear it. I dont have received any updated from epfo office. I have complaint against this in EPFIGMS website my Registration Number is DELSO/E/2018/08670. Its still under process. I have called many times in given epfo number,01128050753 and 01128050779, but everytime that number is busy and no one picked my calls if bell was Ringing. Please do Needfully.


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