How to close ICICI Bank account?

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ICICI Bank is a well-known private bank in India. It has locations all around the country. The ICICI bank account contains all of the account holder’s legal information. Customers’ formal information is kept on file by the bank. If the necessity arises, to assist in confirmation and recognition. ICICI Bank provides all customers with a passbook, debit and credit cards, and a checkbook following the opening of a bank account. These details allow customers to do transactions without having to visit a bank location. It also aids in balance inquiries and credit payments.

ICICI bank accounts provide several banking perks to all clients. If a customer wishes to discontinue being an ICICI member, they must formalize the account closure process. These safeguard you against fraud and other criminal acts that may occur if your card falls into the wrong hands. The bank promotes the correct closing process for all bank items such as cheques, passbooks, and debit/credit cards. Continue reading to find out how to close an ICICI Bank account!

Some reasons why you want to close your account

  • Low-interest rate.
  • High transaction fees and levies.
  • If a person has several bank accounts
  • Customer service is not satisfactory.

Are there any charges for closing an ICICI Bank account?

The charges vary accordingly. There will be no costs if the bank account is terminated within fourteen days. If the ICICI bank account is canceled between 14 and six months, a cancellation fee of Rs. 1000/- will be applied. Similarly, if it is closed after six months, the fees are Rs. 500/-, in addition to a Rs. 150/- Speed Clearing fee.

Can you close an ICICI Bank account online?

Unfortunately, you cannot terminate your ICICI bank account online. However, you can close your account by downloading the ICICI account closure form from the ICICI website and visiting the branch. To shut your account, visit your local ICICI branch and get an account closure form. Make sure to fill out all essential information and submit the form to the bank executive including your Debit Card, Passbook, and CheckBook after obtaining the paperwork. As a result, your account will be closed within the next ten working days.

Can you close ICICI account from any branch?


Your ICICI bank account can be closed at any ICICI bank location. The request will be received by the non-home branch, scanned, and sent to the home branch, which will cancel the account and revise the request. The majority of banks prefer to cancel an account before closing it if the balance is zero. You have the option to take money out of your ICICI bank account, move it to another account, and then close the account.

How to close ICICI Bank account?

  • Withdrawing all of the funds from the bank is the first stage in the procedure. By accessing the net banking website and transferring funds from an ICICI bank account to any other bank account, you can do this online.
  • Keep a copy of your debit card, the first and last checks you wrote in your checkbook, the account number, and your customer ID on hand after you have transferred all of the money from the bank account.
  • You must now go to the closest ICICI branch. Get an account closure form after visiting the branch, or get one online.
  • Then, fill out the form and check your entry of information. Given that you have previously withdrawn all of the money from the bank, you can omit the specifics of the balance amount.
  • Lastly, submit┬áthe form now along with a debit card, a checkbook, and identification documentation. Your passbook might stay with you even after the bank representative has canceled it. Don’t forget to get the bank’s acknowledgment slip.
  • The account will then be canceled within 10 working days after that point.

You can close your ICICI Bank account in this manner. If you have any problems, just call the toll-free customer service line at 1800 102 4242 to get assistance with your problem. Moreover, if the problem is not being handled for you, you can also file a complaint.





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