Best Online Marketing Platforms To Increase Business Exposure

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Web-based social Media or online marketing Platforms are mind blowing assets for organizations looking to promote their brands on the web. The platforms are easy and free to use but with paid advertisement options to promote brands that need to reach significantly new people. 

It’s essential that you pick the social networks that work best for your business. Here is the list of best social media platforms that suited for every type of business.

Social Media

Today, Social media become one of the top online marketing platform in the world of web. Social media provides a magical exposure to a brand or businesses. It can maximize your online networking use implies picking those stages and practices that suit your center business system. Here are some marketing platforms:

social media marketing



facebook marketing

More than 1.7 billion people use Facebook to interface with loved ones and find things that matter. Showcasing on Facebook helps to find new clients and assemble enduring associations with them.

Googlegoogle marketing

Create an effective Google business profile, add contact information and other information. Start sharing your business videos, latest updates, URLs and much more by targeting the right audience.


twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the best platform to reach out the targeted audience. You can share short information with your business videos, images, links. This is  great business marketing channel and also an effective medium for customer service on Twitter.


Pinterest is a great way to that allow users to save a lot and display content by pinning. Post whatever you want to post like images, videos, links etc.


Similar to Pinterest, Instagram is also a visual media platform based on the photo and videos. Instagram has high level rare filters, photos and video-editing options.


This is a professional network to build an identity in the business world. One of the employment oriented connect network allow to connect people.


Snapchat is a popular mobile app that allow business owners to build communities and spread brand awareness.


Flicker allow sharing business videos and images to spread brand or product awareness. As a small business owner, choosing Flicker as a marketing strategy is best option.

 Video Marketing

This strategy is to promote business or product video on different video sharing channels. YouTube is one of the best example.

top video marketing websites

Other online video promotions platforms are:


Vimeo is global video sharing platform to promote the high-quality business video for great exposure to the audience. An effective video can make a magical impact towards your business.


dailymotion markeing

This is also the video sharing platform where users can upload, watch and share videos. No matter whether is the video of an individual or business video, You can share and make an online community to follow your business on Dailymotion for videos.


youtube marketing

YouTube is a special video sharing program to watch and upload videos with a link. If you really want to increase your business popularity, start promoting your business videos on YouTube.


netflix marketing

Watch, share and promote your videos online specifically on demand. Use the channel for TV shows, movies and more entertaining videos for you.


This is an entertaining network designed to upload, download and save video directly.


liveleak marketing

Let’s give the new exposure to videos with Liveleak. No matter what you are going to upload individual video or business videos, choose the right category to post and share with the audience.


smugmug marketing

This is used to expose the quality images and pictures to sell online. This network allows uploading stunning videos and HD images. We should make the best use of Smugmug for your business

Search Engine Optimization

If you are a business owner and want to make an online presence for your business then Search Engine Optimization is one of the tricky online marketing way that not only helps you to make an online presence for your business but also increase customers and sales resulting in an increase in profit.

search engine optimization

SEO methods that can be implemented on your business website are:

On page Optimization 

We should analyse and resolve website’s on side errors to make the website SEO friendly. This is On Page Optimization. The measures are taken directly from the website that helpful to improve Search Engine ranking.

Off Page Optimization

There are various types of techniques to handle off page optimization outside the actual website. This is used to improve its position in search engine result.

If the above platforms are used effectively and in the right way than they can be turned into higher profitability for your business.


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