How to crop, edit, rotate and resize image online?

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Most of the time, by using one software or another we are able to resize images, but when it comes to image size, we often find ourselves in a standstill. Here’s how you can resize and edit your images while keeping the file size within a specific maximum limit.


Step-1: Go to the website

Click on the link to proceed further. You’ll find a welcome page like the one given below.

Go to the website

Step-2: Select the source of the image

Fill in the source of image, i.e. either from your computer or from a URL by choosing an option from the drop down menu.

Select the source of the image

Step-3: Upload your image

Click on “Browse” to locate your image (if uploading it from your computer) and upload it.

Upload your image

Step-4: Click on Continue

After this, click on “Continue (Resize, Crop & Special Effects)” to start the editing process.

Click on Continue

Step-5: Rotate the image

You’ll see that the image is shown on the page along with various editing options around it. In case you need to rotate the image, go to “Rotate Menu” and click on the desired option.

For e.g. the image shown below needs to be rotated 90 degree clockwise (CW) and so “Rotate 90°” was selected.

Rotate the image

Rotated image

Step-6: Crop it

You can also crop the image by selecting the desired portion by clicking and dragging your mouse directly over it. If you want the cropped portion to be in square shape, do the same process while pressing the ‘Shift’ key on your keyboard.

Crop Image

Step-7: Resize as needed

To set the image to a specific size in pixels or by percentage, scroll down and go to “(2) Resize Your Picture” and select the desired option. To resize it by pixels, click on “Custom Size…” in the drop down menu.

Resize Image

Step-8: Choose the unit

Make sure that “Pixels” appears as the unit of choice. If not, then select it from the drop down menu.

Choose the Unit

Step-9: Enter the dimensions

Enter the width and height as required.

Enter the dimensions

Step-10: Fill in the details

Scroll down to “(4) Save as” and enter the required “Image format“, “JPG Quality” and “MaxFilesize“, and click on “I’m Done, Resize My Picture!“.

Fill in the details for saving

Step-11: Preview your edited image

Click on “View Image” to get a preview of your edited picture.

Preview Image

Preview of Image

Step-12: Save it and viola! You did it 🙂

If you’re satisfied, go to “Save to Disk” to download the edited resized image and save it to your disk.

Save image to disk

That’s it! Happy editing and happy image resizing 🙂


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