What is PRAN Card & How to get duplicate PRAN Card?


What is PRAN

PRAN stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number. It was introduced on 1st January 2004. It is applicable only for the central government as well as state government employees till date. PRAN card is mandatory for all central government as well as state government employees. Any central government employee who joined service after 2004, automatically gets enrolled for the National Pension System (NPS). Any employee who joins is immediately enrolled for NPS. You can apply for PRAN on official National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) website. You must submit the form for application of PRAN card to your nearest POP-SP.

What is PRAN Kit

The employee will then obtain a PRAN kit. A PRAN Kit contains a PRAN card subscriber and an information booklet. It also has the T-Pin and I-Pin to the associated nodal office. The PRAN Card is a document with PRAN, subscriber’s name, father’s name, photograph and signature/thumb impression. This is how your PRAN card will be:

PRAN card

How do I apply for duplicate PRAN card?

In the case of loss or damage of card, any subscriber can request for a duplicate of PRAN card. Make sure you have your PRAN number which is mandatory while duplication of PRAN card. Do not forget to fill the form with black ink only and completely in capital letters.

  • To request a duplicate PRAN card, you need to fill form S2. You can download the form by clicking here.
  • Read all the instructions carefully stated at the end of the document.
  • Do not fill the first box which is for DDO as well as PAO purpose.
  • Fill all the details correctly like personal details, request for reissue of PRAN, PAN card details, bank account details. You must also fill nominee details like Nominee name, address, relationship with the nominee. Also, enter the percentage share of each nominee. Make sure to fill all details of the three nominees correctly.
  • In case you are a minor, there is an option to fill guardian details.
  • Lastly, select the reason for duplicate PRAN (PRAN card lost or damaged).
  • Put your signature, full name in caps and the date of request of PRAN in the columns mentioned at the end of the document.
  • Recheck all the details for errors. Incorrect or mismatched details can lead to rejection of form.

What next after filling the S2 form?

You must then submit this form to your respective Drawing and Disbursing Office (DDO) and equivalent entities in State Governments and Union Territories /State Autonomous Bodies. You can find DDO/POP-SP nearest to you by clicking here. Enter your current location and you will find offices nearby you.
Your form will then be verified by the Pay and Accounts Office (PAO). They will then enter and authorize the request in the Credit Rating Agency (CRA) system.
After this process, a fresh PRAN card will be printed against your name. The card will then go to the respective nodal officer for distribution.

In the case of incorrect or mismatched details, it will lead to rejection of your form and you will receive an update. You must then resubmit your form with the correct details.

Know all FAQs about PRAN by clicking here.


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