How to update Aadhaar details in post office or bank?


It is important to not just have an Aadhaar card, but to also make sure that all the Aadhaar details are correct. There are different methods available to update Aadhaar info. This article explains how to update Aadhaar details in post office or bank.

Many post offices (currently over 6500) and banks across the country act as Aadhaar enrollment and update centers. UIDAI has made it easier to find them by updating the list of centers on its website.

How to find the nearest Post Office or Bank Aadhaar Enrollment and Update Center?

It is very easy to find the nearest post office or bank enrollment center online. Please follow the given steps:

  • Log on to the official UIDAI website.
  • Click on ‘Enrollment and Update’ from the top menu.
  • On the next page that opens, click on ‘Enrollment and Update Centers in Banks and Post Offices’ under ‘Reference Links’.
  • The following page will open –

Find nearest post office/bank Aadhaar enrollment center.

  • Now you can find the nearest center in one of three ways. The first is by entering your state, district, sub district, and village/town/city. The second is by entering your pin code. And the third is by entering keywords in the search box (like city, etc.).
  • After you enter the verification code and click on ‘Search’, you’ll get the list of the nearest centers.

List of nearest post office/bank Aadhaar enrollment centers.

How to update Aadhaar details in post office or bank?

Once you have found the nearest center, you can go there in the working hours with your required documents. You can update your info at any enrollment center in the country, regardless of where you initially enrolled. Also, you have to go in person and cannot send someone else to do it for you.

You can update any of your demographic or bio-metric details. After filling the form and verifying the documents, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt. It will have the Update Request Number which you can track.

Upon completion of updating process, you will receive an Aadhaar letter with the updates for change in name, address, date of birth, and gender. For change in phone number or email address, you will receive a notice on the respective phone number or email address. The process generally takes 90 days.

What are the charges for correcting/updating Aadhaar details?

The charge to update Aadhaar details in post office or bank is Rs.29.50 including taxes.

What are the documents required for updating Aadhaar details?

To update Aadhaar details, you need one proof of identity and one proof of address. You can view the list of documents here. Carry the original documents for verification.

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